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We take our partnerships seriously

ECOsurfaces flooring not only sustains motion—it helps bring you into a more sustainable relationship with the planet. We intercept rubber waste before it’s buried or burned, transforming it into durable, stylish surfaces that are better for the environment. Our commitment to circularity is part of a global movement to recalibrate our connection with the world around us.

Get more with ECOsurfaces

ECOsurfaces is committed to enriching the goals and lives of our national business clients. We offer superior performance, speed, service, and affordability that meet your specific flooring needs and overall vision.


Safety. Ergonomics. Acoustics. These are the core attributes of ECOsurfaces flooring. When people feel safe, comfortable, and free from distraction, they perform their best and are empowered to lead better, healthier lives.


We have 40+ sales professionals across the nation, ready to be a partner and help you explore unique options for all of your indoor and outdoor spaces. Our collaborative Sales Team works closely with you to develop a national standards program tailored to your specific flooring needs.


Upcycling valuable rubber is more affordable than traditional processing and our innovative manufacturing process delivers safety, comfort, and exceptional style, while keeping costs affordable. And our easy installation means that you can create a customized space in record time.

Partners that give you More.

We believe that a floor is more than just a surface you stand on—it forms the very foundation for success and accomplishment. ECOsurfaces, as a partner, embodies this philosophy with decades of expertise in crafting innovative commercial flooring solutions that enhance performance both indoors and outdoors. By infusing our floors with energy during production, we not only ensure durability and reliability but also contribute to reducing impact and fatigue, thereby promoting a healthier environment for all.

Our commitment goes beyond mere functionality; we strive to create flooring that energizes and revitalizes, offering a positive return of energy to the body, ultimately supporting individuals to excel in their endeavors. This approach not only supports productivity but also aligns with sustainability goals, as our materials are designed to be environmentally friendly and efficient. With ECOsurfaces, you're not just getting a floor—you're investing in a partner dedicated to innovation, performance, and the well-being of those who use our products.


From selection to delivery, the process is seamless and worry free

ECOsurfaces National Account Representatives are there to help you create the space you’re envisioning. We take the time to understand your challenges and goals, and manage the process every step of the way to ensure you’ll be completely satisfied with the end result. 

A personal approach

An ECOsurfaces representative will meet with you to understand your needs and vision. Our commitment to one-source responsibility means that you’ll work with the same representative from this initial conversation through the final sale and installation.

Your value-add partner

Your ECOsurfaces representative will tour your facility, review project plans, and determine the right products and services for you, based on your goals and expectations of your flooring—and of us. We don’t want to be just another vendor, but a value-added resource to your business.

Begin with a plan

We’ll put together a comprehensive plan that considers your needs and budget. This plan will give you access to internal sales support and our inventory management program, which allows you to monitor your order as it moves through the supply chain process.

Monitored launching

With your approval, we’ll launch this plan at all of your locations. Then, we’ll oversee the entire project, so you won’t have to worry about managing installations on top of your business.

Support through all stages

We pride ourselves on providing first-class customer service at all stages of a project and even after it’s complete. We’ll continue to follow up with you to ensure that you’re satisfied with your ECOsurfaces flooring.

The ECOsurfaces Difference

We’re committed to creating sustainable flooring that prioritizes performance for bodies in motion and a world in motion. Our flooring combines impact absorption and slip resistance with endless options for customization, and it’s engineered for safety, ergonomics, and acoustics, regardless of the application.

Our patented itsTRU® Technology enables us to fusion bond virtually any surface to our Vulcanized Composition Rubber—the muscle behind all of our innovative flooring. Not only does this reduce force, but it means that you can have looks-great, feels-great, sounds-great flooring anywhere you need it.

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Put your project in motion

Ready to find your perfect flooring? We are, too. Contact one of our sales professionals to get started.

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