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Reduce structure borne noise and quiet the classroom with ECOsurfaces

Just consider ECOsurfaces your new teaching assistant. Between fewer falls in hallways and playgrounds and giving hardworking teachers the energy to encourage fun learning, all while creating quiet, more focused classrooms, ECOsurfaces is top of the class.

Make classrooms, bathrooms and hallways safer
ECOsurfaces is engineered for safety

Every parent dreads getting a phone call from school saying that their child has been injured. Luckily, our floors get an A+ for safety. Our skid-resistant material makes accidental falls far less likely, while our engineered playground flooring absorbs shock so falls that do happen are far less serious. From the bathroom to the classroom to the dorm, ECOsurfaces flooring keeps students safe.

Improved Ergonomics

Teachers shape the next generation of thought-leaders and that means being on their feet almost all day. It’s time to give them the support they deserve. Our floors are specially designed for ergonomics, making it much more comfortable to stand for hours on end and have the lasting energy to teach bright young minds. Even for students, who have developing joints and muscles, the energy absorption and return is only good news.

PVC Free

ECOsurfaces' PVC Free flooring solutions offer superior hygiene while improving safety, acoustic performance, ergonomic support and comfort under foot.

Heterogenous Vinyl

Our Heterogenous vinyl flooring products feature a non-porous, printed top layer, providing endless design possibilities, lasting performance and a low maintenance cost. All heterogeneous vinyl products are factory fusion bonded to a vulcanized composition rubber base layer for increased safety, ergonomic, and acoustic benefits.


ECOsurfaces line of durable vulcanized composition rubber (VCR) surfaces provided added slip resistance, making them an ideal solutions for a variety of applications.


ECOsurfaces turf surfaces are designed to provide a complete fitness, functional training and competitive experience. Our turf products are durable, slip resistant and provide added safety, ergonomic, and acoustic benefits when fusion bonded or field united to a base layer.


ECOsurfaces underlayment products offer superior long term acoustical benefits for a multitude of applications.