Your staff deserves a comfortable & supportive work environment.

Ergonomics is the science of fitting workspace conditions and job demands to the capabilities of workers. How does flooring help address these challenges?

Can a floor contribute to the well-being of a dedicated fitness enthusiast?


A floor can do more.

The right floor should support a premiere work environment.

Ecore makes surfaces that respond to your constant footfall, and support you through long shifts standing on your feet, improving your overall quality of life at work and at home.

  • Enhanced ergonomics = healthier, happier staff
  • Healthier staff = fewer injury claims and better customer and patient care
  • Better care = better outcomes and more successful businesses

Ecore surfaces make a big difference. Our floors provide critical Ergonomic support to your staff in the form of Force Reduction and Energy Restitution.

1. Concrete, 2. Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl 2mm, 3. Rubber Sheet 2mm, 4. Homogeneous Sheet Vinyl 2mm, 5. VCT, 6. Linoleum, 7. Forest Rx, 8. Galaxy Rx, 9. Strait Rx, 10. Carpet 34oz 1/10 ga loop
*Based on the Deltec Test

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), of the 917,060 private industry nonfatal occupational injuries involving days away from work during 2013, 22% involved injuries to the lower extremities.

In more than 43% of these cases involved injuries to the ankle or foot.

Ecore floors play a critical part in supporting hospital staff and patients.

Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders currently account forone-third of all occupational injuries and illnesses reported, constituting the largest job-related injury problem in the United States.

In 2007, 626,000 lost workdays attributed to MSDs were reported to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These disorders accounted for $1 of ever $3 spent for workers' compensation that year.

The Benefits Behind

Staff Wellness

A comfortable, engaged and healthy staff leads to greater success for your business.

Ergonomically supportive floors can help:

  • Reduce pain/fatigue of the staff
  • Increase effectiveness and productivity
  • Dissuade absenteeism
  • Lower claims and treatments
  • Manage insurance rates

Can you expect more from a floor? YES.