Senior Care Flooring

Is it possible for a floor to enhance the lifestyle of an active senior community? Yes, even if the home you're used to is beautiful, safe, and quiet.

Moving into a senior care facility can be a difficult decision for everyone involved. Among other concerns, you especially don’t want to worry about a parent or grandparent slipping and falling in their nursing home or not getting a good night’s sleep in an assisted living facility. Ecore flooring for seniors makes surfaces that provide the support older adults need. Many are slip-resistant and all are gentle on the joints and extra quiet, so senior care residents can get the rest they deserve.

We also manufacture a range of surface options, including our resilient Rx flooring line, which is ideal for walkers, wheelchairs, and rolling equipment. Rely on Ecore for the very best in senior living and senior care flooring.


Slipping and falling can have life-threatening consequences for older adults. Shouldn’t flooring in senior care, assisted living, and nursing home facilities reduce that risk as much as possible? We think that’s imperative, and it’s why we’re committed to producing slip-resistant floors that prevent falls. And when falls do happen, we’ve engineered our senior living floors to absorb the impact to lessen the risk of injuries that can impact patients’ quality of life and raise liability risk.



At Ecore, we understand that not all senior living facilities are the same — some offer long-term, comprehensive nursing care while others provide multifamily residences with on-site healthcare, allowing older adults to live independently. We’ve engineered a range of floors with options that can work in all environments. Made with patented itsTRU™ technology, Ecore floors for senior living absorb impact and return energy when walking or standing, making life more comfortable for residents and staff.



Long-term senior care residents want to feel at home, and their wellness depends on a good night’s rest. Whether it’s independent living, a senior center, an assisted living facility, or a nursing home, our flooring is engineered to mitigate sound for a peaceful, more home-like environment. Senior care flooring with enhanced sound mitigation is good for staff, too, because it creates a calmer care environment to work in. Hear the difference for yourself.

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