Retail Flooring

Can the right retail flooring improve the customer experience, stand up to heavy foot traffic, and even give the sales force a morale boost? Yes, it absolutely can.


Whether it’s a family grill-master stopping by a warehouse store for an industrial-sized bag of charcoal, an executive selecting the perfect power suit at an upscale department store, a pharmacist serving a frazzled mom filling her sick child’s prescription at 3am, or a dad greeting his daughter’s daycare teacher, retail flooring needs to be there to support them 24/7, 365 days a year. Ecore’s range of retail flooring fits into any brand look, while preventing slips and falls and providing ergonomic support for staff on long shifts. Shopping doesn’t get any better than that.


The term “shop ‘til you drop” shouldn’t be taken literally. Our non-slip, shock-absorbing floors mean that store owners don’t need to worry about their customers slipping and falling, or about products falling off shelves and getting damaged in the stock room. Between lower liability costs and less wasted merchandise, our customers find that the right retail flooring saves them money and give them priceless peace of mind.



Anyone with joint pain knows that when you don’t have to deal with discomfort, it’s a lot easier to offer customers genuine service with a smile. Pharmacists, cashiers, and retail staff who stand on our floors all day benefit from our shock-absorbing materials that also return energy with every step, and happy staff lead to happy customers.



It’s hard to find peace and quiet, but with Ecore floors, any retail environment can be a fortress of tranquility, making for a better, more pleasant shopping experience, especially if your favorite store happens to be in the ground-floor of a busy, multi-use building. In daycare centers, quiet floors mean longer naps, so Mom and Dad can come back to rested, happy kids.

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