Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy Flooring

Is it possible for flooring to provide higher levels of safety, comfort and acoustics for PT/OT patients and staff? Yes, it is.

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From helping a toddler regain use of an injured hand to teaching a grandfather exercises that reduce pain, the work of physical and occupational therapists plays a key role in healthcare.

Ecore flooring empowers Physical Therapy (PT)/Occupational Therapy (OT) patients and the team members who help them heal. Available in a variety of surfaces, including vinyl sheets fusion-bonded to a vulcanized composition rubber backing using our patented itsTRU Technology, our solutions are made to support joints, reduce impact, and absorb shock. With itsTRU Technology, Ecore surfaces return positive energy to the body to help people stay active longer, while reducing sound to create a quieter healing space that allows patients to focus on reaching their therapy goals.

And because your facility needs floors that can handle heavy, repetitive movement and regular cleaning, Ecore offers surfaces that provide high durability, excellent wear, and low maintenance.


Maintaining a safe environment is essential for professionals caring for PT/OT patients. Injuries can delay or prolong healing, create higher bills, and increase risk for your facility. Ecore flooring is manufactured to help you prevent slips, skids, and falls. And because our PT/OT floors absorb shock, they help reduce the risk of injuries when falls do happen, keeping patients and staff safer while reducing liability.



Physical and occupational therapists provide ergonomic support to help patients regain or maintain movement — your floor should, too. Ecore flooring is made to cushion joints, reduce impact, and return positive energy back to the patient. The ergonomic design also empowers team members by helping to decrease pain and fatigue so they can do their physically demanding jobs more comfortably and with more energy.



Patients should hear words of encouragement, not weights hitting the floor. Ecore helps you create a quieter, more pleasant environment for patients and the PT/OT professionals who care for them. With technology engineered to make flooring that mitigates the energy of sound, our floors reduce sound transmission and improve acoustics, making them an ideal solution for busy multiuse facilities.


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