Multifamily Flooring

Noisy neighbors. The non-leasable apartment under the fitness center. A concierge with stiff knees. A lobby-turned-ice rink from the rain. Can the right floor solve all that? Even with such a diverse set of challenges, with Ecore surfaces, the answer is Yes.


We know that an apartment building isn’t just a set of floorplans. It’s where families have movie night, the doorman gives a warm welcome, gym-goers work up a sweat, and a thousand other things happen every single day. In short, it’s where life happens. Quiet, safe, beautiful apartment flooring keeps it all running smoothly. That’s the Ecore home-floor advantage.


It’s inevitable…an unexpected downpour and no umbrella in sight. The last thing anyone needs after dashing into their apartment building is to wipe out on the wet floor. And when little Ruby tries the monkey bars for the first time in the kids’ play area, her mom doesn’t want to worry about her breaking her arm in a fall. In fact, safety is one of the first things we think about for multi-family flooring. Our durable, shock-absorbent surfaces protect against falls, skids, slips, and slides. They happen to look good as well.



Apartment gyms are a melting pot—seasoned triathletes mingle with cardio dabblers and the shuffleboard crew. Our fitness room flooring supports energy absorption and return, so they can all achieve their personal peak performance. In the lobby, our shock-absorbing flooring is easy on the joints, making hardworking staff more comfortable, even at the end of the late shift. No matter where you happen to be in your home, Ecore floors support multi-family living.



What’s the best thing about sound-absorbent floors? The couple in 2B can sleep until noon while their upstairs neighbors host a birthday party for their four-year-old. Ecore is a leader in acoustic flooring for condos and apartment buildings, because we know that noise can be the biggest spoiler of a peaceful home. Our floors are engineered to absorb sound, so that tenants can enjoy quiet tranquility despite the dance party upstairs, footsteps in the hallways, and weights being dropped in the fitness center.

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