Recycled RubberPerception vs Reality

There have been questions about the safety of crumb rubber or recycled rubber chips.

A number of states and associations in the U.S.A. have conducted independent, third-party tests that demonstrate, unequivocally, recycled rubber crumb poses NO RISK to people or pets. For more information, view these tests/studies.

Ecore is at the forefront of the recycled rubber movement and is a founding member of the Recycled Rubber Safety Council.

All our testing has proven that Ecore surfaces are fully compliant with all the regulations required by the EPA and other regulatory organizations – so, rest assured, recycled rubber is safe!

For more on our environmental certifications and transparency documents, please visit our Transparency & Certifications page.

Ecore also conducts its own testing to ensure our products are safe:

  • We test multiple samples yearly, for VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) according to the California 01350 test protocol, for FloorScore certification
  • We routinely test for Heavy Metals (and Lead in particular) to comply with the EPA and CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act), as well as REACH and RoHS regulations.
  • We also periodically test random samples for Semi-volatiles (PAH’s – polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), phthalates such as DINP, DPHP, etc etc., and PBBs (polybrominated biphenols)