ECOfit-Turf Plus


12mm Polyethylene Surface Layer

12mm VCR Vulcanized Composition Rubber

Force ReductionHow much energy a surface absorbs
Energy RestitutionHow much energy a surface returns


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ECOfit-Turf Plus features a dense, textured polyethylene surface layer fusion bonded through patented itsTRU™ technology to a 12mm vulcanized composition rubber base layer. While too abrasive to fall or dive on, this consistent and tight surface is ideal for all footwork drills and sled work. ECOfit-Turf can handle the weight drop of moderate free weights, making it ideal for functional training. ECOfit-Turf Plus is also available in interlocking tiles to provide a portable/temporary solution.

Flooring Type: Turf Form & Dimensions:

24mm (0.94") x 23" (0.58m) x 46" (1.16m)

24mm (0.94") x 72" (1.83m) x 25 LF (7.62m)

  • No infill
  • Portable ( Interlocking Tiles)
  • Indoor Only


  • Functional Training
  • Retail

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